This Is A Blog

There are millions like it, but this one is mine.

An Introduction, Again

What is this, the fifth? Sixth try? Remember LiveJournal?!

It's been many years since I maintained one of these, but the time seems right... again.

It began again when I stumbled across You Should Start A Blog and was inspired.

Soon after, I was struck by this mission statement:

Did you ever sing in the shower just get a few extra bars out while you’re alone? That’s basically what happening with this blog. I write essays to myself to help collect and organize my thoughts.

So I'm starting this, again, for an audience of one: me. I'm "singing in the shower."

If you enjoy the content here, I'm glad about that and I appreciate it. But please understand that you are not the target audience. I write about things that interest or fascinate me, things that annoy or irk me, or just things I'm feeling at the time: the critical link in all of this is me. This place is for me.

Astute readers may have noticed the timestamps do not jive: that is correct. This post was written on November 11th, 2022 when this site as it exists now was first published, integrating select content I have written elsewhere over the past few years within. It is back-dated to appear chronologically behind those older writings.

What is "time", anyway?