This Is A Blog

There are millions like it, but this one is mine.


This isn't just any 'ol blog though, it's mine.

A small treatise on the motivation for its existence / resurrection can be found in An Introduction, Again.

For what it's worth, I'm a software engineer with a couple decades' experience across a number of industries. I currently spend my time helping build robots that do the jobs no one wants anymore or never wanted in the first place.

On the side I run a small, low-volume consultancy in my local area as well as proudly building the backend for and maintaining

Additionally I authored and continue to maintain the primary Redis client library for Arduino devices and as a lifelong advocate of open-source software have released many more projects as such, all of which are listed on my site.

There are no comments allowed on this site by design. To comment on anything presented within, please get in touch.

This site is built with Yet Another Friendly Static Site Generator. Yeah it's terrible, but it's not as terrible as the other options.

Most importantly though, it's mine, giving me complete understanding and control across its breadth and depth. As I age, that's becoming far more important than any bells 'n whistles.