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Sci-Fi's Ultimate Form

I have long maintained that the short story is science fiction's ultimate form because the genre is primarily focused on presenting big ideas and not on character or plot development.

The best should leave you breathless and lost in thought, remaining with you long after you've finished & for much longer than their length would suggest.

To support that stance here is a collection of my favorite that are freely available in one way or another.

Some are new and some are old and none are in any particular order. One of them is only thirty-one words long short. Enjoy!

Adjustment Team, Philip K. Dick

Autofac, Philip K. Dick

Lena, qntm

siseneG, Arthur C. Clarke

The Schwarzschild defence, M. V. Melcer

The Semplica-Girl Diaries, George Saunders

This is a living document: I'll update it whenever I find - or recall - another. Suggest one!